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From Japan, Kaori Naka is a dynamic dancer in Guru Debaprasad Das style. Kaori has been learning Odissi dance from Guru Gajendra Kumar Panda, yet is still seeking the elusive heart of Odissi.

Specializing in installation and communication art, Kaori has also studied Butoh, Yoga, and expressive art therapy. In addition, Kaori is fascinated by animism and other forms of Asian dance.

After graduating with a Masters Degree in Arts, Kaori trained in Canada at Chitrelekha Dance Academy. Thanks to a generous scholarship from the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Kaori was given the opportunity to study in Delhi under Guru Kavita Dwibedi. Kaori currently runs her own school, Debadhara Yoga & Odissi in Japan (

Having performed at both the national and international level (India, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.), Kaori possesses a wealth of dance experience. Yet, Kaori still yearns to fully realize her spiritual vision on stage. 」



Odissi is an Indian Classical Dance form which originates from Orissa (Eastern India).
The oldest sculptural evidence of Odissi dance is Rani Gumpha caves 2nd BC.
Now it is known all over the world, but it was only rediscovered some 55 years ago.
Odissi gurus such as Panckaj Charan Das, Kelucharan Mohapatra and the Debaprasad Das was the first to put Odissi on the world dance map. Odissi is marked by the Tribhanga position, the three bodily bends of the head, torse and hip. This position gives Odissi the characteristic lyrical and sensuous quality. The strong symmetrical Chouka position on the other hand gives it the tandava strength. The Chouka imitates the stance of Lord Jagannath, the presiding deity of the holy city of Puri.



Tridhara is a pioneering organization which uphold the unique style of Late Guru Debaprasad Das who was among the notable Gurus whose sincere and great efforts to revive the classical Odissi Dance form took initiatives for the reconstruction and popularization of Odissi.
His was a dynamic force whose dance captured not only Odissi’s sensuous lyrical form, but was also infused with the wild, vigorous spirit of tribal dance and tantric forms.

The Debaprasad Gharana of Odissi retains its pristine purity in its undiluted form. The style has element of rawness in it.
Debaprasad believed that Odissi as a dance form has evolved from tribal, folk and classical culture and thus he conceptualized Tridhara.
Now his able and efficient disciple Guru Gajendra Kumar Panda is the director of Tridhara.


Participation in National/International Odissi performances and award

2010.6 Eden,Tokyo,Japan
2010.5 Deba Smruti,Bhubaneswar,India
2010.4 Cuttack Mohotsav national Dance&Music Festiva,cuttuck,India
2010.4 Vasant Sangam,Nara,Japan
2010.3 Kala Utsav,Osaka,Japan
2010.2 Odissi Utsav, Osaka,Japan
2010.2 Osaka One World Festival, Osaka,Japan
2009.9 Namaste India 2009,Tokyo, Japan
2009.9 Dil Ki Jhonkara vol.2, Yokohama,Japan
2009.9 Indian dance festival[Have a fan so!]Taipei,taiwan
2009.8 FM COCOLO Asia Pacific Festival 2009,Osaka, Japan
2009.6 3rd Debaprasad Das Award 2009, Bhubaneswar, Orissa
2009.5 Shradanjali&UDRA Pankaj Samman 2009, Muktakash Ramgamarch, Puri, Orissa
2009.5 48th Kal Ke Kalkar Sangeet Sammelan 2009, Mumbai,India
2009.5 Odissi Night, Nagoya, Japan
2009.5 Dil Ki Jhonkara, Tokyo, Japan
2009.5 Indian Art Festival, Amurut Manthan,Kyoto, Japan
2009.5 Indian classical dance & music, Hounousai, Osaka, Japan
2009.5 Nara Indian festival, Nara, Japan
2009.5 Kyoto Ai Chikyu Haku, Kyoto, Japan
2009.1 Performance & Workshop,Studio52, Nara, Japan
2008.12 Osaka One World Festival, Osaka, Japan
2008.12 Tansui Township Office, Taipei, Taiwan
2008.12 Demonstration & performance at Taipei National Art University, Taipei, Taiwan
2008.12 Solo Dance performance & workshop, Dream Community, Taipei, Taiwan
2008.11 Awarded at Baliyatra Dance Utsav in Cuttack
2008.10 Debadhara Festival at Rabindra Mandap in Bhubaneswar
2008.7 Guru Debprasad Das 75th birth anniversary at India Habitat Centre in New Delhi(duet)
2008.6 Pay homage to Guru Debprasad at Ekamura haat at Bhubaneswar(group)
2008.5 Otsuka Chemical India Inaugural opening ceremony in Delhi(group)
2008.4 Second Guru Debaprasad Award & Nrutya Samaroha 2008(solo)
2008.3 Kalinga Samaj IT Kharagpur(group)
2008.2 Tosari Festival(group)
2008.2 The second Mother Ganga exhibition of oil painting by Tatsuko Hiraoka opening cememony at Japan Foundation in Delhi(solo)
2008.2 Guru Debprasad Das Award 2008 in Berhampur(solo)
2008.1 Guru Pankaj Charan Das Award National Festival of Dance & Music 2008(solo)
2007.12 National Festival of Dance & Music , Rabidra Mandap at BBSR, Orissa(solo)
2007.12 National Festival of Dance & Music Barabati Nrutyotsaba at Cuttack in Orissa
2007.11 Puri Beach Festival at `Puri in Orissa(group)
2007.11 Late Guru Sri Dev Prasad Das at Kammasangam Function Hall, in Hyderabad,India(group)
2007.10 Druga Puja festival in New Delhi, India(group)
2007.6 The international conference organized by the world environment organization at Himachal Pradesh, India(group)
2007.5 Odissi Aasara,Odissi Akademi presents,organized by Guru Kavita Dwibedi at Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre,New Delhi, India(duet)
2007.4 The international conference at Mumbai,India(group)
2006.12 The Orissa Utsav at Delhi Haat hosted by Orissa Forum at New Delhi,India 2006 Award of scholarship Exchange Scheme for Odissi Dance course Indian from Council for Cultural Relations(ICCR)(group)
2006.10 The international conference organized in the honors of Chinese delegation to India in 2006 at Mumbai,India(group)
2006.4 Odissi dance performance organized by Karamakushi at Kyoto north cultural center in Japan(group)

Educational qualifications

2003 Graduated from Kyoto woman's university (Kyoto・Japan)
2005 Chitralakha Dance Academy Certificate(Tronoto・Canada)
2006 India & Yoga Naturopatic School(Delhi・India)
2007 Odissi Akademi(Delhi・India)


Contemporary Art works

2001.3   Seceted by KyotoTen,Mixed Media art works(Kyoto・Japan)
2001.7   Installation with natural light(Kyoto・Japan)
2001.10   Installation with pianist Ayumi Kirioka(Heian Kaikan・Kyoto・Japan)
2002.4-2002.11 Organized communication art works [sawasawa project]with 12 participants(Kyoto・Japan)
2002.11   Comunication art events(Mt.Uryu・Kyoto・Japan)[sawasawa event] with 12participants of Art project


Professional Training & Experience

2001-2003 Butoh Training under Masami Urabe(Kyoto・Japan)
2003-2006 OdissiTraining under Miki Nonaka(Kyoto・Japan)
2004-2005 Learned Odissi under Chitralakha Dance Academy(tronoto・canada)
        under under Guru Kalashiri ChitralekhaPatnaik Guru Ellora Patnaik and Guru Sri Debraj Patnaik.
2004-2005 Bodymovement therapy workshop(toronot・canada)under Erica Ross, body therapist
2006-2007 Odissi Tranining under Guru Kavita Dwibedi(Delhi・India)
2007-    Odissi Tranining under Guru Gajendra Kumar Panda(Orissa・India)
2009.1    Started Debadhara Yoga&Odissi

2-1-4, Suzaku, Nara,Japan ,6310806


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